TALISMAN – Look Waat A Gwan

Coming soon yet another jewel reissued for the first time on Simbarashe Tongogaro’s own Star Time label, this time sees the coming together of Bristol reggae pioneers Talisman with “Look Waat A Gwan”. Talisman are one of the UK’s top British Roots Reggae bands who formed in the the late 70’s and still continue to record and tour in 2018. TRS is pleased to announce the reissue of this total must-have from 1986 restored from Tongogaro’s tapes with it’s heavy-than-lead Dub counter-piece. It goes without saying: seminal and always innovative, Tongorago brings the fire, a faultless record. Coming very soon.

RUDO – Freedom

The whispers are true… After 32 years since it first appeared on the little-known about Star Time label featuring an undiscovered young French Guiana singer named Rudo, TRS Records is very proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of ‘Freedom’. Almost as famous for his elusive nature, mystic producer Simbarashe Tongogaro brings his own roar with precision skills that are noticeable on his superb production, completely ahead of it’s time for a 1986 tune, a real unique expansion of the music. As is the regular case with obscure and rare records, ‘Freedom’ was only known to a certain few in the collectors circles and remained one of the most prized and desired records from the 80s. In the recent months leading up to this release and after meetings with Tongogaro, we have helped digitize and convert literally hundreds of hours of unreleased recordings and riddims from this period. Unbelievable sessions restored from the original tapes, some truly inspiring sessions captured. This and much more coming very soon in 2018.

TOMMY CLARKE – Reggae Rocking

Coming soon in collaboration with Natty Take Ova Records from Kingston who’ve been championing the forgotten and unsung artists of Reggae, we’re happy to present the long awaited reissue of the 1986 self produced hit tune ‘Reggae Rocking’ by Tommy Clarke. This top shelf song is definitely one of our favourites and not to be missed. Officially licensed and soon available for the first time ever on 7″.